“When I recently received a diagnosis of cancer, I knew that I was in for a seemingly endless round of tests and doctor appointments. I quickly realized that I needed a doctor to be my quarterback, someone who would facilitate and guide me through this difficult new journey in our lives. Now, more than ever I needed a doctor 24/7 …By changing to Dr. Locke’s practice I had the convenience of scheduling an appointment often at a moment’s notice, and the piece of mind that the doctor had the time to follow my care closely.” 

Ludmila Cohn

“I travel a great deal mostly in pursuit of fishing and hunting in very remote places far from doctors or hospitals. On a recent fishing trip to Brazil, I passed out three times in succession. The closest doctor was four hours by charter flight and often the charter could not land for two or three days due to weather. I was able to reach Dr. Locke by satellite phone immediately and Dr. Locke was able to alter my medication by phone and solve the problem. Before signing up with Dr. Locke I was lucky to get a call from my former doctor in two days. I have never called Dr. Locke that I didn’t talk to him directly or that he didn’t call me back within the hour with a solution to my problem, and I call a lot. This is the best insurance I can imagine. If one can solve a health problem at the first symptom, it sure beats trying to fix it after the problem has fully developed.” 

Leigh H. Perkins
Chairman, The Orvis Company

“My wife and I cannot thank Dr. Tomm enough for the superb care he provided to me during my recent ordeal. From diagnosis through surgery and now in the post-surgical period he has gone beyond the call of duty to provide clear and concise explanations, careful and thoughtful analysis, outstanding referrals to the best specialists, and sensitive and caring counsel. He represents the best that the medical profession has to give to its patients, and has made his vocation into a real calling to help the afflicted and those in need of medical care.”

David L. Jacobstein



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